artificial dreaming

Yesterday I SAW a DREAM. The DREAM unfolded through several SEGMENTS.


I attended my friend’s wedding, took part in the grand feast that followed, then I went to the airport, said bye-bye to another friend who left for Qatar, then I visited my cousin’s place, wished her happy birthday, spent some quality time with her, then I joined my filmy friends at a common place for a healthy discussion about a new release. On my way back home, I met a girl who solo travelled the entire world. She took me to SEGMENT 2.


I was taking a walk through the beautiful streets of Prague. I got super-excited to see Franz Kafka Monument and I posed for a selfie. Then I jammed with some random street musicians and later on joined them for lunch. Then I took the next flight to explore the next part of the globe. But the music I played at street was still playing in my head. It took me to SEGMENT 3.


It was the biggest project I’ve ever been a part of. A collective fusion composition of 5 musicians from different parts of the world and I was one of them. It took hours for us to rehearse the 8 minute long song. Finally the hard work was paid off. The final take of the song was perfect. The video team took a month’s time for editing the video of our live performance. They did a splendid job. The shots looked so fresh and real that they could take me to an all new SEGMENT 4.


I was standing on the walkway surrounding the Maidan with my team. It was a cool evening. We were waiting for the drizzle and it started exactly when we wanted. We all got drenched in no time including the sweet old couple who were about to go in front of the camera. The shoot went really well. My DOP delivered more than what I had expected. It was a dream to shoot my film at Kolkata. Though I’ve visited Kolkata only once, the city has appeared a hundred times in my dreams. “The city undoubtedly is every filmmaker’s delight”, I said to myself before I FINISHED my DREAM.



Now, please re-read the entire write-up by replacing:

  1. SAW with OPENED
  3. SEGMENT with TAB

TAB 1 was Facebook, TAB 2 was MissWalkingShoes, TAB 3 was The Live Room and TAB 4 was Nandan.